A Diverse and Winding Career Path for PATHWAY Candidate Badiana Osabutey


Throughout her long and varied career, Badiana Osabutey has always invested in herself.

While working as an accountant in Ghana during the early days of her career, Badiana chose to spend her vacation shadowing someone employed as a company secretary (the U.S. equivalent of a CPA)—a role she aspired to achieve. A year and a half later, she did just that, accepting a position as a company secretary at UniBank.

In 2004, after relocating to the United States, Badiana made another investment, this time putting herself through nursing school at Midwestern State University, where she earned a scholarship and was named to the Dean’s List. But when she wasn’t progressing in her nursing career liked she hoped to—she was a bedside nurse for 10 years at Doctors Hospital in Dallas—Badiana invested in herself yet again, enrolling in an organizational leadership program from Arizona Grand Canyon University and earning her EdD (she also holds an Executive MBA).

“I’m a lifetime learner,” she said. “When I moved here, I was in the prime of my career but I knew that I could always do it again. I will never stop striving as long as there is breath in me.”

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As she searches for a new role, Badiana hopes to merge her skills and experience in nursing with her educational background. She aspires to work in a C-suite role like chief quality officer in a hospital or health-care setting.

Throughout her journey, Badiana has set a powerful example for her two grown children, the oldest of whom is a physician assistant—although she’s careful to point out that her daughter decided to go into medicine long before she went into nursing.

Beyond her impressive educational and work experience, Badiana, an immigrant from West Africa in her 50s, brings something equally valuable: diversity of lived experience, an asset to any company or organization that wants to compete in the modern global environment.

“Our differences are our strengths and our talents are what makes us beautiful,” Badiana said. “We should learn from each other. When we interact with people who look different or come from different places, we learn more.”


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