Take Five with Alexandra Vincent


The T.D. Jakes Foundation (TDJF) is a proud sponsor of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas’ 2021 Women of Distinction, which honors female leaders—from high schoolers to adults (including our own president and CEO Hattie Hill)—who have blazed a trail in their fields. In advance of the celebration, we’ve asked these extraordinary women and young women to share their experiences and offer advice for how to further advance equality in the workplace.

Alexandra Vincent, Senior at Rock Hill High School

1. Why has it been important to you to give back to your school and community?

 We are taught to make the world a better place and are given those skills, so I feel like investing in Girl Scouts and the community around me is investing in a better future for everybody because we are always going to be out there being leaders.

 2. What is the one thing that you want others in your generation to know about the value of giving back, helping others and supporting your community?

 I’m very big on serving the community and bringing joy to others. I have always thought, what I am doing to make someone’s day better? Or what am I doing to bring joy to others? That has really been the way I’ve lived my life and it came straight from Girl Scouts.

 3. Who has been the most important role model in your life?

My mom has been a huge role model for me. She was my troop leader for my first ski troops at home. We moved around a lot, and she became one of my troop leaders and was just always there and supportive of me. I think the biggest thing about that is she took the time to remind young women such as myself that we have the power to make change and that we all can go out there and kind of change the world in our own way. It’s just inspired me today to do the same to make sure young women understand that you have value and that whatever you do in life, if you put all your efforts towards it, you can’t really make a positive impact.

4. How has your involvement in Girl Scouts shaped who you are today?

I definitely think Girl Scouts has given me so many diverse skills and a variety of ways to approach different situations. It’s given me the confidence that I have today to really go out there and see an issue and try to go and make it better. Even in school, I have taken on a lot of leadership roles like National Honor Society president and Junior World Affairs Council president. If I hadn’t been a part of Girl Scouts and didn’t learn those skills, I don’t think I would be in those positions, so I really do think I have the leadership and the confidence skills that I have today all because of Girl Scouts.

5. What can business leaders do to be more supportive to young women as they prepare to move on to the next step in their educational or professional journeys?

Companies should try to make our community a better place. We just want to make sure that by the time we are done in the world that we know that we put all our efforts and hard work into making a change.


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