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We welcome donations, volunteers and corporate partnerships. If you’re a company that would like to partner with us, please reach out to learn how we can work together!

Partner With Us

T.D. Jakes Foundation’s trusted and time-honored relationships with communities of color, underserved and under-championed communities, enables the Foundation to be the bridge that connects our partners with these communities…across the United States and around the world

Partnerships are the frame that defines the work and the impact of T.D. Jakes Foundation. All that we do is accomplished in partnership –

  • With nonprofit partners who help deliver our programs and resources to the under-championed communities we serve
  • With aligned foundations and individuals
  • And with corporations that are aligned with our mission and provide generous support that enables the work to be done.

Meet Our Partners

Corporate Partners

T.D. Jakes Foundation is proud to partner with these outstanding corporations

Meet our Partners

Foundations & Nonprofits

T.D. Jakes Foundation is proud to partner with these generous and supportive funders

Meet our Partners

Individual Donors