Our Work

The T.D. Jakes Foundation focuses on three pillars:

  1. Business Partnerships
  2. Workforce Readiness
  3. Community Building
nonprofit business partnerships

Chairman Jakes with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson to encourage corporations to hire former inmates convicted of non-violent crimes.

Business Partnerships

With a renewed focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), companies of all sizes have committed to ensuring that their workplaces look like the people they serve. But without the right partnerships and trusted voice in these communities, many businesses will fail to gain the traction needed to deliver sustainable outcomes.

We create partnerships where there is significant alignment and opportunity for collective impact at the community level. Whether helping a company meet its internal DEI pledge or supporting strategic outside initiatives, we deliver meaningful, sustainable and measurable outcomes. We further celebrate and amplify businesses that are helping to dismantle barriers to opportunity.

Workforce Readiness

From early childhood exposure to reskilling and upskilling of older adults, workforce readiness programs must serve communities across the entire lifecycle, ensuring that people of all ages have the skills, education, training and access to compete in the modern economy.

Through our STEAM leadership development and training platforms, we give children and adults the tools to explore science, technology, engineering, arts and math. In working with educators, we have learned the value of early engagement and the importance of exposing people to new possibilities.

Chairman Jakes tours the Brooklyn STEAM Center, an innovative career and technical training hub for 11th and 12th grade students located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York.

Community Building

To reverse centuries of inequality, underserved communities require access to integrated social service programs aimed at prevention, intervention and integration/reentry. But since most nonprofits fill only one specific need, many people will inevitably fall between the cracks while trying to navigate a maze of programs and services.    

Through our six- to 18-month PATHWAYS program, we elevate and integrate various partners—nonprofits, educational providers, government programs and potential employers—into one seamless and integrated ecosystem. Our PATHWAYS app is a multifunctional support and accountability system.

Take Action

There are many ways to get involved. We welcome donations, volunteers and corporate partnerships. If you’re a company that would like to partner with us, please reach out to learn how we can work together!