Angela L. Johnson

Communications Specialist

Angela Lloyd Johnson joins the team as the Communications Specialist. Angela was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, where her lifelong dedication to making a difference was sparked. With a Bachelor of Science from Delta State University and a Master of Arts from Christian Brothers University, Angela’s educational foundation laid the groundwork for her impactful journey.

Having grown up in the Mississippi Delta and later residing in Memphis, TN, Angela developed a connection with the communities she served. She dedicated 10 years to serving and educating youth in the Mississippi Delta, Memphis, Tennessee, and South Korea. Acknowledged for her unwavering dedication, she was honored with the Elizabeth Ann Seton award in recognition of her support for Catholic education and youth well-being.

Angela’s professional path has encompassed diverse roles that have polished her skills and broadened her expertise. Pivoting from the role of an educator, Angela began her career in digital media, leveraging her skills to create impactful social media content and strategies for nonprofits in Mississippi. Her ability to connect with audiences and effectively convey messages laid the foundation for her future roles in communication and advocacy.

In 2021, Angela relocated to Dallas, Texas, embarking on a new chapter. For the past two years, Angela has supported the mission of The Turning Point Rape Crisis center as Communications Manager and certified sexual violence victim advocate.

Outside of work life, Angela enjoys serving on the Production Team at her church, trying new restaurants, spending time and traveling with her husband, George and their Goldendoodle, King J.