Tiffani Martin

Project Manager

Tiffani Martin is a Strategist, Author and Disability & STEM Advocate who has dedicated her life to serving others. Martin Founded Jancynco in 2014, a leading digital strategy studio, as well as VisioTech in 2019, a technology firm committed to bridging the accessibility gap in product development. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Entrepreneurship from the University of North Texas and currently an MBA candidate at Baylor University, Martin has garnered extensive experience in both business and advocacy.

Martin initially entered the business landscape as a Digital Engagement Agent at Square 1 Agency, where she led branding initiatives for premier national & international corporations. Subsequently diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy from Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes at age 28 and losing her sight, she recognized a glaring void in technology solutions for individuals with disabilities. This realization led her to become an advocate for DEIA within STEM utilizing her intersectionality as a paradigm- shifting focus.

Her leadership and activism have not gone unnoticed; she was named the 2022 Executive Board Member of the Year for the North Texas Disability Chamber and is a 2x proclamation recipient from the City of DeSoto for her work related to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and National Employees with Disabilities Awareness Month. Furthermore, she holds Place 1 for the Citizens for Police Advisory Council, advisory board member for L.A.C.E. – Ladies for Art, Culture & Education, and serves as a National Spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association.

Martin has enriched the industry discourse through her published works, including “Branding the Heart: A Guide to Digital Engagement for Non-Profit Organizations,” and as a co-author of “Be Prolific: Do Success Different.”

Resolute in her conviction that her two transplants & loss of sight has not impaired her vision, she leverages national speaking engagements as a platform to empower others to transcend their differences. She is blissfully married and resides in the southern sector of Dallas, Texas.